Richard Bell Reports

Richard Bell interviewing some of the candidates for the upcoming election on his show.


Interview with Paul Fletcher, Federal Member for Bradfield:

Mr Fletcher speaks about his evolving role as a federal MP and a minister, service organisations, school groups and local entities, his technical and legal background, and the Australian economy.

Interview with Stephen Ruff, Independent Candidate for North Sydney:

Mr Ruff speaks about the logistics of such a major campaign, healthcare, defence, and the lack of democratic process for candidates.

Interview with Katie Gompertz, Labor Candidate for Bradfield:

Ms Gompertz speaks about her involvement in raising awareness for domestic violence, being an unorthodox type of candidate,  and criticism by the media.

Interview with Trent Zimmerman Liberal Candidate for North Sydney:

Trent discusses the general issues relating to his North Sydney electorate as well as Australia’s security threats,  Trent has the energy to work hard with his community minded style of electioneering.

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