Fair Call

Hosted by:

Nick Kenny

“The Fair Call with Kenny & Tess” Tune into “The Fair Call” every Friday, as the arrogant Nick Kenny and the slightly more pleasant Tess Connery spend two hours running their mouths about news, politics, and current affairs, plus a whole bunch of completely random garbage! “The Fair Call” covers everything from federal politics to the lock-out laws, smoking bans in prisons, the local crime report, the latest health crazes, Darwin Awards, the weirdest news stories from around the world, and plenty more. Dropping every Friday night between 7-9pm, it is backed up by the finest Deep House & Bass House tunes, courtesy of DJ Nana Ty, live & direct from 99.3FM! (“The Fair Call” contains banter, cheap shots, political mockery, elements of satire, dark humour, provocative ideas, and opinions which may differ from yours. Parental guidance recommended for anyone who is easily offended)


  • Friday - 12:00 pm - 2:00 pm