The JB Shuffle

Hosted by:

John Buchanan


The JB Shuffle is two hours of jazz and blues based music every Monday from 2—4pm.

It started as “the show with no name” in 2005 but the then manager named it “JBW” for jazz/blues/world.  After a while I ran out of world music and it became JB, and then later I discovered the tune “JB Shuffle’ by Hammond organist Jeremy Baum and this became the opening theme and the title of the show.

The music played covers anything and everything in jazz and blues from probably World War II right up to todays. I like to play a mix of classics, oddities and obscurities. Among the people I have found and played are Curtis Peagler, and Rufus Harley amongst the jazz content, singers Sophie Millman, Cynthia McCorkindale  (aka Cyntia M) and more recently Hope Waits and the lesser known bluesmen Gary Allegretto and Joe Beard.

When I was first offered a shift, I asked the Manager  ‘what do you want me to do?’ and he said ‘play music you like and talk about it a bit, but for xxxx’s sake don’t talk too much. It’s a music show!” And that’s the way it’s stayed. I aim at achieving 25% Anzac content.




  • Monday - 2:00 pm - 4:00 pm