The Sound Cartel

Hosted by:

Mark English

With more flow than the Amazon River and bouncing off each other like a Wimbledon final, Mark “Marsel” English . The Sound Cartel. Smuggling good vibes into your stereo every Friday night from 9pm until late, The Sound Cartel dishes out nothing but the finest hip-hop and R&B tunes on the planet!

With the craziest news stories from around the world, a weekly tip of the hat in “Great Hustles of History”, plus “Pillow Talk”, where they discuss relationships and romance with various female guests, The Sound Cartel is the perfect way to kick off the weekend! Last but not least, be sure to tune in for the jewel in the Sound Cartel’s crown – the weekly “Live Jam” session, involving over a dozen of the best local singers, songwriters, musicians, MCs, freestylers, and DJs, performing live & direct from Northside Radio’s brand new studio!



  • Friday - 9:00 pm - 12:00 am