Kaye Browne

Financial  Controller/Coordinator

“Music is the food of life”, someone said and I agree. I have been involved in music all my life, influenced by a family background and then by many years of classical training.

On the serious side of life I have a degree in Business Management, Membership of the Australian Institute of Management, registration with the Tax Practitioners Board, as well as being a Company Director/Secretary. My experience spans Corporate, medium and small businesses from many industries – Government, Banking, and the private sector. Writing submissions for the purposes of an ICAC investigation, the Senate inquiry into the Music Industry, and Research on Employee Management and Quality Management issues across the Private and Public sectors, and Accounting has also been on my plate. After that, my passion for music took me into retail music and then here I am in a Radio Station that spreads music through the airwaves as it connects with its community. Such is life.

Ray Shoostovian

Business Development Manager

Ray has been a wookie since he could talk. He began his career in radio at the age of 16, worked for 2SM as a radio announcer and producer and has also powered his own very successful disc jockey business. “Been there and done that”, Ray currently freelances as a sales representative and is an expert with advertising and with anything ‘media’

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