Istvan David (Hungary) / Viktor Vicsek (Hungary) / Andras Nagy XYZ (Hungary) / Alex Riczko (Hungary) / Soma Sarffi (Hungary) / Kevin Campean (Hungary) / Andras Weil (Hungary) / Fine Cut Bodies (Hungary)

The Concourse architecture is transformed by a surreal deconstruction of the building. The 3D mapped projection illuminates visual and metaphorical connections between the building façade and the theme of human coexistence in love, peace and harmony.  Hungarian artist collective Limelight were inspired by Chatswood’s diverse culture and history to create Co-existence. 

The artwork transforms the façade of The Concourse into a 3-dimensional space, exploring the relationships between individuals and communities and the presence of love and peace in our society. 

With an unusual dramaturgy, the piece is divided into different acts similar to a theatre play. Each act presents different scenarios in which individuals and communities meet, exploring the contrasts of exclusion and integration or acceptance and isolation by four different artists from the Limelight team. 

The stories are told in various visual languages from black and white geometrical shapes to colourful abstract characters, always integrating the physical structure of the building and augmenting it into a new metaphorical world of existence.

Country represented by installation: Hungary