A Song For Everyone – Presented by John Regan

The program is an eclectic mix of singer/songwriters with a healthy dose of up and coming Aussie talent.

(SUPER SOUL REVIEW) In the studio were Simon Morel from local band Soul Messengers and Amanda Easton who, along with singer songwriters Liza Ohlback and Juliane Di Sisto will be performing in The Super Soul Review, a one-off show to raise much needed money for your favourite station. In a benefit that promises to get the crowd feet dancing and hands in their pockets, the family friendly event will be held from 5-8pm on Sunday November 19 at Crows Nest’s music@StreetMarket.com.au. You can hear the chat and a few tracks following. Tracks played were:

  • Juliane Di Sisto – At Last
  • Amanda Easton – Head Over Heels
  • Liza Ohlback – Happy Home
  • Soul Messengers – Eleanor Rigby

Learn more about the Super Soul Review at https://www.facebook.com/events/music-at-street-market/northside-radio-super-soul-revue-fundraiser/2531335083613659/ (Posted 31st October 2019)

(GLENN BIDMEAD) In the studio today were the singer/songwriter Glenn Bidmead and his manager/co-writer Lorraine Baker. Glen has just released the album “Lifeblood” together with the lead single from the album and both are doing very well. Listen to the chat and songs from the album following. Tracks played are “Where Her Lonely Started”, “Red Dirt Road” and “Lifeblood”. You can find out more about Glenn and Lorraine at https://glennbidmead.com/ (Posted 17th October 2019)

(EMMA JENE) Today I’m chatting with the very successful Shoalhaven singer/songwriter Emma Jene who’s just released a new album called “Erosion”and she’s currently touring NSW promoting the album and the new single taken from it called “Feel So Good”. Listen to the chat and songs from her album following. Tracks played are “Boy Meets Girl”, “Erosion” and “Feel So Good”. You can find out more about Emma Jene at https://emmajene.com/  (Posted 10th October 2019)

(FAST CARS) In the studio today was the singer/songwriting duo Fabian Byrne & Di Levi, who make up the group Fast Cars. They’ve just released the album entitled “Soft” and you can hear from them as well as tracks from the album following. Tracks played were “Real Love”, “Treading Softly” and “Space County”. Learn more about Fast Cars at https://www.facebook.com/FastCarsMaximumPop/ (Posted 3rd October 2019)

(MICHAEL WAUGH) In the studio today was singer songwriter Michael Waugh from Melbourne who is currently touring Oz to promote his new album “The Weir”. He’s been likened to the iconic Australian singer songwriters Mick Thomas, Paul Kelly and John Williamson and when you listen to his songs you will know why. Tracks you can hear from his album “The Weir” are “Big Things”, “This Song Reminds Me” and the title track, “The Weir”. You can hear the chat and the songs following. Learn more about Michael at http://www.michaelwaugh.com.au/ (Posted 26th September 2019)

(ED JACKSON) In the studio with me today is singer songwriter Ed Jackson. Originally from Taree but now resident in Sydney he and the band are rapidly making a name for themselves both on the local circuit and nationally particularly with their latest release “Let You Go”.Click on the bar below to hear the chat and tracks by the band. Tracks played are “Windswept”, “Let You Go” and “So Much More”. Find out more about Ed Jackson at https://www.facebook.com/edjacksonmusic/ (Posted 19th September 2019)

(CAREY ST) Today I was chatting with the 3 young people who make up the local Sydney group Carey St. They’ve got a new single out entitled “Lavish Living” which is doing well and you can hear it, another track called “The Storm Brews”  and the chat by clicking on the bar following. You can learn more about Carey St. at https://www.facebook.com/careystband/  (Posted 12th September 2019).

(SOUL MESSENGERS) In the studio this week were Simon and Dave from the local band Soul Messengers. Doing a DJ spot they selected a few tracks and talked about how the tracks have had some effect musically on them.The tracks played were:

  • Whiplash – Soul Messengers
  • Venus – Tom Jones
  • Prayer, Cochise & Even Mo Prayer – Avery R Young
  • I Just Dropped In To See What Condition My Condition Was In – Sharon Jones
  • You Aint The Problem – Michael Kiwanuka
  • Waiting For The Great Leap Forward – Billy Bragg
  • Colors – Black Pumas
  • It’s Too Late For Tears – Soul Messengers

Hear the chat and the tracks following. You can find out more about Soul Messengers at https://www.soulmessengers.com.au/ (Posted 6th September 2019)

(LONNIE LEE) My guest today is Aussie singing legend Lonnie Lee. He’s been performing for more than 60 years and is still in great demand. He’s recently released a new album “Back to Base X” and a new single release entitled “Just A Memory” is also doing very well. Tracks played during the chat were “Sad Over Someone (SOS)” and the new single “Just A Memory” . You can ind out more about Lonnie and upcoming shows at https://www.lonnielee.com/ (Posted 29th August 2019)

(THE KAVA KINGS) Had a quick chat with Chris Smithson from the Sydney band The Kava Kings. They have just released a new E.P. entitled “Two Strangers” and you can hear the chat plus the track “Stars” taken from the E.P. following. Learn more about what the Kava Kings are doing at  https://www.thekavakings.net/ (Posted 23rd August 2019)

(CHELSEA BERMAN) Short chat with Central Coast singer/songwriter Chelsea Berman whose new single “Wherever I Go” Is doing very well. You can hear her new single and the chat below. To find our what Chelsea is doing go to https://www.chelseabermanmusic.com/  (Posted 15th August)

(AARON JURD) Short “phone in” interview with Novocastrian Aaron Jurd who is enjoying success with his new release “Changed”. You can hear the interview and the track following. Learn more about Aaron at https://www.aaronjurd.com/ (Posted 15th August 2019)

(BIG MERINO) Today’s guests were Alex and Peter from the Sydney band Big Merino. They’ve recently released their second album entitled “Sweet Little Angel” and it’s being well accepted by both the critics and fans alike. Listen to Alex and Peter talk about the band and introduce some tracks from the album. Tracks played were “I Lay Me Down”, “I Watched The Light” and the title track “Sweet Little Angel”. Find out more about Big Merino at https://www.facebook.com/bigmerino/ (Posted 8th August 2019)

(JAMES THOMSON) A couple of days ago I caught up with Novocastrian James Thomson whose new single “Desire” is receiving great attention. You can hear the chat and some of James’ compositions following. Tracks played are “Can’t Go Home This Way”, “I Don’t Mind” and the new single “Desire”. Learn more about James at https://www.facebook.com/Jamesthomsonmusic/ (Posted 1st August 2019)

(LAURA-THERESE DAVIS) In the studio today was Sydney singer songwriter Laura-Therese Davis who’s new single entitled “Rather Live In The Country” is doing great things and you can hear the interview plus tracks by Laura-Therese following. Tracks played were “One That Got Away”; “Forgotten Town ” & “Rather Live In The Country”. Find out more about Laura-Therese at https://www.facebook.com/lauratheresemusic/ (25th July 2019)

(SOUL MESSENGERS) In the studio today were Simon, Dave and Seibe from the Sydney group Soul Messengers who are currently enjoying success with their latest album “Vision And Faith” and the single entitled “Revolutionaries”. They introduced a few tracks that have had some effect on them choosing a musical career as well as playing a couple of their own songs and you can hear it all below. Tracks played were:

  • Wake Up – Soul Messengers
  • Royal Highness – Lettuce
  • Thankful N Thoughtful – Sly & the Family Stone
  • Just Kissed My Baby – The Meters
  • Rock Steady – Aretha Franklin
  • Express – BT Express
  • Revolutionaries – Soul Messengers

You can find out more about the Soul Messengers at https://www.soulmessengers.com.au/ (4th July 2019)

(HARLEY MAVIS) In the studio today was Sydney singer songwriter Harley Mavis who’s new single entitled “Thief” is doing great things and you can hear the interview plus tracks by Harley following. Tracks played were “No Chance”; “Magnolia ” & “Thief”. Find out more about Harley Mavis at https://www.facebook.com/HarleyMavisOfficial/ (27th June 2019)

(THEYER) In the studio today was Sydney singer songwriter that goes under the moniker of Theyer. He’s just released a new single entitled “Laser” which is doing very well. You can hear the interview along with tracks from the Theyer’s catalogue following. Tracks are “Hear”, “Take My Heart” and “Laser”. You can find out more about Theyer at https://www.facebook.com/pg/musicbytheyer/posts/ (20th June 2019)

(LILY DUVAL) A couple of days ago I had the chance to talk to Sydney singer songwriter Lily Duval who is doing very well with her new single “The Last Goodbye”. You can hear the interview along with tracks from the Lily’s catalogue following. Tracks are “Down To The Lake”, “Full Moon” and “The Last Goodbye”. To learn more about Lily go to her Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/Lily-Duval-1393456494240090/ (Posted 13th June 2019)

(EVAN LOCK) In the studio today was local singer/songwriter Evan Lock who is currently enjoying great success with his debut album “Kaleidoscopic”. You can hear the interview following along with tracks from the album. Tracks are “Couples Town”, “Scorpio” and “Queen Of Sydney”. To learn more about Evan go to his Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/evan.g.lock (Posted 6th June 2019)

(BIG SKY MOUNTAIN) Interviewed today were Kelly and Gabby who are two of the seven leading lights in the all female group Big Sky Mountain a group that is enjoying great success with its debut album “All Our Minutes”. Tracks you can hear during the interview are “All Our Minutes”, “Cover My Tracks” and the new single “Homeland”

(MATT ANDERSEN) Interview with Canadian blues artist Matt Andersen who has recently released a new album entitled “Halfway Home By Morning”. Tracks from the album played are “What Would Your Mama Say”, “Quarter On The Ground” and “Something To Lose” {featuring Amy Helm).

(SOUL MESSENGERS) Listen to an interview with Simon and Dave from the Sydney Group Soul Messengers. Tracks played during the interview are “Whiplash”, “Don’t Let Them Tell You” from their album “Vision And Faith” and their latest single “Revolutionaries”

(CITIZEN OF THE WORLD) A couple of days ago I spoke with Gerrit Gmel, singer songwriter with the group “Ctizen of the World”. The group have just released an EP, “Window To Your Mind” and you can hear the interview and a few tracks following.