On Ron’s Golden Oldies this Thursday 24th March From…noon to 4pm… Ron Celebrates the release this week in 1956 of the movie Rock Around The Clock that introduced the world to this new music, Rock & Roll.
Starring many of the early pioneers of this new genre of “Teen Music” that swept the world in the mid 1950s.
Ron will play songs from the many artists who introduced their Rock and Roll to a new audience of this generation called “Teenagers” who were swept up in all the excitement. 

Rock Around the Clock is a 1956 musical film featuring Bill Haley and His Comets along with Alan Freed, the Platters, Tony Martinez and His Band and Freddie Bell and His Bellboys. The film was shot over a short period of time in January 1956 and released in March 1956 to capitalize on Haley’s success and the popularity of his multimillion-selling recording “Rock Around the Clock,” which had played over the opening credits of the 1955 teen flick Blackboard Jungle and is considered the first major rock and roll musical film.

The same recording was used for the opening of Rock Around the Clock, marking a rare occasion in which the same song opens films released in a short interval (the recording would be used once again to open the 1973 film American Graffiti).

Tune in, (or stream via northsideradio.com.au/audio-player) this Thursday, noon to 4pm right here on Northside Radio text requests welcome on 0418 246812

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