The K-Tel Record Selector Lottery Returns for Series 2

Pop Heads Hour of Power

Due to popular demand, as noted on socials, Northside Radios  Pop Heads duo Roddy Lee and Jane Arakawa re-activate the K-Tel Record Selector Lottery for Series 2. 

First up, Roddy and Jane will go back through some of the highs and lows that made the K-Tel brand a household name.

Then at the head of each of the 24 episodes that follow, Roddy will set the K-Tel Record Selector in motion so Jane can make a blindfold pick and that selection becomes the LP to feature in the episode.

Everyone has their favourite budget compilation album of the 1970s and 1980s. Which episode will feature yours?
Drop out, turn on, and tune in to find out.

Pop Heads (5550) broadcasts Mondays 18:04 AEDT on Northside Radio FM99.3



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Pop Heads Hour of Power Northside Radio  Pop Heads Hour of Power (

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