Buddy Holly  

Big Bopper 

Richie Valens

Lost this week in 1959.

Ron’s Golden Oldies will play a tribute to the loss of the stars of the Winter Dance Party 1959

Ron will play many songs from the trio, including your requests via text on 0418 24 68 12 anytime…or on the show Thursdays…between noon and 1pm on 9419 69 69.

Tune in from noon to 4pm this Thursday in Sydney on FM99.3, (or stream via northsideradio.com.au/audio-player) for the best songs, memories and nostalgia from the classic Baby Boomer decade 1955 – 1965, this week remembering the loss of the 3 big stars from the Rock and Roll era.


Richie Valens, Buddy Holly and The Big Bopper

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