About Northside Radio


Northside radio is funded by personal subscriptions, listener donations and sponsorship from businesses across Sydney’s North Shore and greater metropolitan area. It is run as a cooperative and managed by a board of up to nine directors. Each director serves up to three years in office, with three directors elected at each Annual General Meeting.

There are approximately 120 volunteers who donate their personal time to keep the station running via activities such as on-air presenting, technical support, program production, book keeping, general administration and even cleaning. Northside has a permanent Station Manager and commission based sales staff.


Broadcasting to Sydney’s North Shore, 2NSB FM99.3 (Northside Radio) is the second oldest sub-metropolitan community radio station in Sydney.

We support our community by offering free air time for non-profit organisations and by providing information about local events in our north shore broadcast areas.

Local businesses are encouraged to take advantage of on-air sponsorship opportunities. If you have a product or service to promote to our vast north shore audience, become a Northside radio sponsor by calling 9419 6969 during business hours. We are committed to building and maintaining mutually rewarding relationships with all our sponsors.

What you can do at Northside Radio

You can also support Northside by subscribing. The annual subscription fee we charge helps us to keep broadcasting, improving and assisting our community. Our valued station personnel who come from all walks of life have something in common – they are dedicated music lovers who love broadcasting and all support the station by volunteering their time.

If you’d like to be involved, simply phone our Studio Manager during business hours, or drop in to find out more about how a radio station operates. Assist in production, become an on-air presenter, join the technical, programming or marketing teams, help
write our newsletter, or be a day volunteer involved in administration, IT and other areas.

If you have an interest in broadcasting and the North Shore community, we invite you to come and join our wonderful team of volunteers. Everyone is welcome!