Overdrive: Cars, Transport and Culture

David Brown

Saturday 9am to 9.30am

Overdrive is an informed, humorous and irreverent look at motoring and transport from a
practical perspective.

It’s not just for rev heads but covers subjects that reflect on our everyday motoring transport
experiences as well as our dreams and aspirations.

People from all ages, backgrounds and genders have expressed their enjoyment and
engagement with the program.

It has news stories and feature interviews with industry insiders and those well-placed for
insightful comment.

The program is hosted by David Brown who has a professional background in traffic
engineering and transport planning but also tests a new car every week.

Unsolicited comments about his presentations include:

  • “David has a real talent for breaking these things down into language that is
    accessible despite your previous knowledge (or lack of)”
  • “David is super insightful”
  • “David has an AMAZING quote from this interview”
  • “This guy knows what he is talking about”

He interviewed Emeritus Professor Mike Regan from UNSW who is researching how modern
cars with all their controls and screens can me distracting. Prof Regan then wrote to him and
said “Fantastic interview! Definitely one the most enjoyable of my career”.

The program is then syndicated across Australia on the Community Radio Network.

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