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FM99.3 was established in 1983 as a non-profit organisation with the objective of serving the North Shore community. We have an individual sound that mixes a variety of genres to give a highly listenable, relevant, and compelling alternative to commercial radio. Our aim is to become the radio station of choice for those who live, work and travel on Sydney’s North Shore. Our listener demographics are enviable: professional, white-collar, 35-64 years of age with an average household income of 160K or higher* and household savings and investments of approximately $480,000. FM99.3 is in the unique position of delivering community-oriented benefits for our business sponsors who are seeking to connect with their customers on the North Shore. *McNair Research 2010, FM99.3 Research 2011


Designed for sponsors….appealing to listeners

“Our listener demographics are enviable: Professional white collar, 34 to 64 plus years of age with an average household income of approx: $160,000 or higher per year and household savings and investments of approximately $480” – McNair Research.

We offer a consistent sound so that our listeners know what to expect. We play great music, we feature informative interviews and we keep our listeners up to date with all the latest traffic and travel news. We become our listener’s trusted friend – someone to share their day with. We are fussy about our program presenters too. We have proved that community radio can sound equally as professional as commercial radio stations in terms of the quality of our programs and broadcasts. What’s our secret? Our presenters and all of our volunteers are truly passionate about what they do and the benefit we bring to the community. Along with our very popular breakfast and drive shows, we keep our listeners with us through the day with entertaining morning and afternoon programs. For those who prefer something more specific, North Shore’s FM99.3 also broadcasts a variety of shows after peak hours that appeal to special interest groups as well as the wider FM99.3 audience. We are active in keeping our listeners and business informed of station news with newsletters and outside broadcasts. Our website is another way to communicate with our community and is used for access to live streaming, sales promotions, and contact details for our business sponsors.

How will my business stand out on FM99.3?

Our license permits a maximum of only 5 minutes of announcements per hour. There is no clutter. You will not find 10 ads in a row. You will be heard by listeners that believe in their community and believe in supporting local business. Their very nature means FM99.3 listeners are predisposed to help to keep you in business.


How much does it cost?


Because we are volunteer-based, our operational costs are significantly lower. This translates to dramatic savings and sensible decision-making for our sponsors who are looking for a long-term commitment to their business, their brand, their customers, and the community that supports them.


It sounds easy … Who can I talk to?


We don’t bite. We recognise that any business that supports us, needs our support in return. We are here for the long-term and want you to be. Just give our station manager a call on 9419 6969, or email 


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